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Paintings 2006-2007-2008

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Oil, Acrilic and electronics components on Cardboard or Wood
Part A


The works herein aspire to extend the life of a piece of the future already discarded. They are shown with the goal that an observer be able to perceive the absolute banality of our action when that piece of future was shunt away.
The pretention of enshrining or mythifying a computer plate, albeit functional, must alert us to a tendency of our times: To put mankind in the same box as a computer component.
It is not simple, once that the spirit becomes lazy, to react to the degradation of our human condition. We contemplate impassively how the most important values of the human condition are directed towards things.
It is the duty of Art to sound the alarm. Not only to avoid that human beings be treated as scraps, taking away their dignity, but also to awaken them from a lethargy that converts them into superficial beings, fascinated by the tinsel and fireworks that modern times continuously display. This alarm aims at reactivating the essential energy at the base of creation, of communication, of the highest sense of our very existence.
I am not as naïve to pretend that the works herein presented are by themselves the totality of emerging thinking. But I would like to assign myself the authorship of trying. To reach China, it is necessary to give that first step, which in reality does not put us far from our own back yard. The rest of the journey will happen as a consequence of exercising the mechanism of decision to give that first step.
Art, a primordial instrument of mankind’s expression, lays a bridge towards our inside, revealing unknown aspects. During the effort of creating a work of art, we build a kaleidoscope which returns, bit by bit, aspects of ourselves.
Inner growth, serenity, consciousness, are states which are reached, and arrived at, by means of bridges that are built with scraps of the past. It will be important to exercise the utmost lucidity to understand the object of our effort.
The more dignity we assign to all around us, the higher the respect with which we will be treated. The more sensitivity that we exercise to understand acts of our lives, the greater the serenity that will characterize our existence.
The more we know ourselves, the higher the right we will have to consider ourselves as part of the Universe.
Maxs Felinfer

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