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Rolando Contento
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Rolando Contento
450 East 63rd street- apart. 6-a- new york- n.y. 10021

Le mostre

Curriculum vitae

Rolando Contento was born and raised in Argentina but his grandparents were originally from Italy. While studying architecture at
Rosario University, his preference for graphic design became evident.
Following his education, he went on to a successful career working for the most prestigious jeanswear companies in Argentina (Nasa Jeans, Solido and This Week among others). He then went on to establish his own jeanswear company "Unless", a popular company which manufactures trendy garments for young people in Argentina.
Interested in many forms of design, he simultaneously worked in industrial design, creating culinary objects for the home (bowls,
utensils, cookware, containers, and other objects) made of polypropylene and thermoplastic resin. In his free time outside work he
would spend most of his evenings painting.
He studied painting with Juan Grela and started his art career under the guidance of Max Fellinfer.
Due to his special sense of humor and extraordinary illustrator talent, he created a cartoon that was published in several prestigious
newspapers and magazines in many countries ( Playboy and Elle Ella (Brazil), El Ella (Spain), La Tribuna , Risario, Humor
Registrado and Sex Humor (Argentina)).
He exhibited many of his graphic humor illustrations in "Feria del Humor", a National Cartoon Exhibition organized at Centro
Cultural Bernardino Rivadavia in Rosario, Argentina with the attendance of many famous cartoonists like Fontanarosa and Maitena.

At the end of 2000 he moved to New York with his family. In New York, nurtured by powerful artistic presence, he has turned his career interests toward painting most of his time.